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Three Adhesive Myth Busters

Here's a few common misconceptions about the properties of adhesives, otherwise known as glue:

Myth#1: If the adhesive is thicker it yields a stronger and faster bond. The truth is that viscosity or thickness is unrelated to the quality, strength or speed of drying time.

Myth #2: The type of adhesive determines the drying time. This is partly true. While different types of adhesives dry at different speeds, the type of adhesive is only one of the factors of how fast it dries. Much like paint, heat and humidity as well as the material (i.e. substrate) the adhesive is applied to matters how fast it will dry. Therefore, actual dry time can only be estimated based on these various factors.

Myth #3: If the adhesive isn't , add more. This is completely false. You should always use as little adhesive possible for the most effective bond. If it still isn't working, you need a different adhesive!


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