Advantra Encore™ Packaging Adhesives

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Advantra Encore™ Packaging Adhesives

H.B. Fuller has transformed hot melts performance in the packaging industry with Advantra Encore™

When compared to current packaging hot melt adhesive technologies, Advantra Encore from HB Fuller regularly achieves 20%-50% adhesive reduction while maintaining or even increasing bond strength. This platform surpasses traditional packaging hot melt adhesive technologies (metallocene-based and EVA) requiring much less adhesive to seal cartons and being lighter in weight to yield a lower cost per pound. If you’re interested in Advantra Encore™ Packaging Adhesives and want to know how we can create a customized solution for you, please contact HAR Adhesive Technologies now to learn more about how we can help.

Application Solutions:

  • All types of case and carton sealing
  • Straw attachment
  • Roll wrap
  • Ream wrap
  • Tray forming
  • Corrugated container closure

Key Benefits:

  • Performs across broad substrate types
  • Reduced adhesive consumption
  • Aggressive hot tack
  • Lighter weight providing more mileage than metallocene or EVA hot melts
  • Broad temperature range from -40° to 150° F/-40° to 66° C
  • Reduced gel and char