Amorphous Poly-Alpha-Olefin Hot Melts

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Amorphous Poly-Alpha-Olefin Hot Melts
Amorphous Poly-Alpha-Olefin (APAO / APO) bulk hot melt is a non-crystalline adhesive that is soft, tacky and flexible. APAO hot melt adhesives have better adhesion in low temperatures than EVA and provide high heat resistance.  They are available in a broad range of viscosities and are non-polar meaning they are resistant to high and low pH chemicals and many solvents.  While having higher Ring and Ball softening points of 210 - 320° F, they do not have good cohesive strength.  With excellent bonding capabilities to low energy substrates, APO type adhesives are excellent for difficult to bond materials and are often used for product assembly applications.


  • Good value
  • Bonds many difficult substrates
  • Long open time
  • Good cold and heat resistance
  • Solvent resistant
  • Available in a broad range of viscosities and melt points
  • Easy and safe handling
  • Apply and dispense with most industry standard equipment
  • Light color
  • Moderate charring in pot


  • Product assembly
  • Bonds many types of plastic materials
  • Automotive
  • Graphic arts
  • Foam to foam and other foam applications

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