Anti-Seize Greases

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Anti-Seize Greases

HAR Adhesive Technologies' anti-seize greases are formulated to protect metal parts from galling, rust, corrosion, excessive wear, extreme pressure, chemical exposure and high moisture. It is a high temperature, anti-friction bearing lubricant that functions in high-speed and slow speed use. Recommended for assembly and maintenance in a wide variety of industries from aircraft to agriculture, our anti-seize greases are forti­fied with additives to provide excellent lubricating properties, stability, and protection of metal surfaces.


  • Anti-seize and anti-wear protection of equipment and machinery
  • Valve and pipe assembly
  • Fasteners, Nuts & Bolts
  • For use in marine, automotive, food processing, mining, chemical industries and more

Key Features:

  • Low gumming base
  • No dropping point
  • Keeps parts working longer with less wear
  • Enables faster disassembly for repairs
  • Prevents galling, rust and corrosion
  • Works for high-speed and low speed use
  • Handles extreme pressure, heat and caustic environments