Reactive Chemistry Adhesives

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HAR distributes a variety of adhesives based on reactive chemistries. Reactive systems are high performance adhesives and offer physical properties that include high strength and flexibility, as well as excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates including:

  • wood
  • plywood
  • particleboard
  • paper
  • metals
  • fabrics
  • foam
  • plastics

The types of adhesives we offer include polyurethane reactive hot melts and liquid moisture curing polyurethanes (both sometimes referred to as PURs); two part polyurethanes; one and two-part epoxies; and polysulfide adhesives. They are used in a broad range of industries—from automotive to building panels to fiber optics to dentistry—for filling, molding, sealing, waterproofing, repairing and construction where flexibility and strength in a variety of environments are essential.

Whatever the job, we can create customized services for your production needs. Contact us today!

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