Case & Carton Sealing

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picture of variuos kinds of cardboard package boxesHAR has leading-edge adhesive technologies that form and seal cases, cartons and trays with better bonding using less adhesive. Our product line has the breadth and depth to handle every conceivable substrate, machine and line speed to improve the quality and efficiency of packaging operations. The result is greater convenience and environmentally friendly at a lower cost per unit without sacrificing quality standards.
HAR manufactures and supplies a full range of packaging adhesives that are safe and consistent, and will improve the quality and efficiency of packaging operations, with the best overall value. Included in our product line are leading innovation technologies such as H.B. Fuller's Advantra® and Advantra Encore™ packaging adhesives, a family of high-performance, value-added hot melt adhesives that delivers stronger more reliable bonds, with increased mileage and clean machining.
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"I would never have believed that the adhesive we use to seal our cartons could jeopardize our entire company. Right after landing new business with a huge retailer, I was notified that three truckloads had been rejected because the cartons were popping open. Our national glue supplier said it must be an application problem and never showed up to help. My supervisor had the card of the HAR technical adhesive salesman and we gave him a call. He was here within the hour. Within 24 hours HAR solved our problem. We have not had another adhesive or adhesive equipment problem since and we have been doing business with HAR for many years. Since that time this product line has grown over 1,000%."  - President of a national food processing and packaging company

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