Adhesive Supply Units

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When it comes to hot melt adhesive supply units ITW Dynatec leads the industry in quality, service, support and innovation. We offer a complete line of innovative adhesive supply units for hot melt adhesives that are able to be used for low, medium, and high-speed packaging operations. No matter what you need, Dynatec has the right hot melt supply unit to fit your needs.

Most suppliers will agree that adhesive degradation is the number one cause of downtime on hot melt equipment. To address this problem, ITW Dynatec has patented a “Melt-on-Demand” system. ITW Dynatec’s vertical, unheated hoppers only melt the amount of adhesive required by the application. Most of the hot melt adhesive in the hopper remains at a much lower temperature, perhaps even solid state. Call us at 440-786-7185 or complete our Request Information Form to discover the benefits of Dynatec. 


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