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We have partnered with ITW Dynatec to offer ITW Dynatec parts which are high quality, low-price hot melt replacement parts for Nordson®, Slautterback® and ITW Dynatec® equipment. We also offer replacement parts for Valco® cold glue application equipment.  Need help installing ITW Dynatec hot melt parts or any other types of hot melt replacement parts? No problem, we can also help save you time by installing them for you. Let the adhesive experts at HAR help your company grow by contacting us at 440-786-7815 or complete our Request Information Form.

During a visit with an adhesive customer of ours who runs a large packaging plant, we noticed they were using Nordson replacement parts on their adhesive application equipment. They told us they spent over $30,000 per year on replacement parts. Simply by switching to ITW Challenger parts we knew we could save our customer an average of 40% per part purchased. They are now thrilled to save a minimum of $12,000 per year!


custom build adhesive application system with conveyor belt and ITW Dynatec Quattro Challenger glue machine with automated double sprayAutomatic Applicators
Our automatic adhesive applicators are air-operated or pump operated hot melt adhesive applicator assemblies that work with the adhesive supply unit and hot melt hose to automatically apply the adhesive to the product for accurate and consistent results.
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Adhesive Modules
We offer high-quality, affordable ITW Dynatec Challenger replacement modules that fit Nordson®. They are available in five orifice sizes and ready for immediate shipment.
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Adhesive Nozzles
We have just about any nozzle you need, for any kind of adhesive application equipment including ITW Dynatec's EZ-Change nozzles.
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Hot Melt Hoses
Hot melt adhesive supply hoses are electrically-heated, flexible conduits designed for the transfer of material from an adhesive supply unit (ASU) to any applicator, whether it’s a machine head or handgun.
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Other Replacement Parts
We sell high quality ITW Challenger replacement parts and other specialized replacement parts for your hot melt or cold glue equipment. Many of these ITW Dynatec hot melt parts also fit into most Nordson machines at a much lower cost and with better efficiency.
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