Clarity™ Container Labeling Adhesives

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Clarity™ container labeling adhesives are high-performance, pressure sensitive hot melts that form a virtually invisible line on labeling containers made of glass, plastic, and metal. This new range of synthetic container labeling adhesives eliminates the char, smoke and odor common with conventional hot melts, reducing maintenance costs and creating a more pleasant work environment. If you’re interested in our H.B. Fuller Clarity™ Cpicture of containers with labelsontainer Labeling Adhesives and want to know how we can create a customized solution for you please contact us.

Application Solutions:
  • Glass Container Label Adhesives
  • Rigid Plastic Package Label Adhesives
  • Metal Container Label Adhesives
Key Benefits:
  • Aggressive Bonding - Improved hot tack for good grab, excellent adhesion at both overlap and pick-up.
  • Light Color – Virtually invisible glue line when applied in a typical thin film.
  • Superior Machining – Facilitates smooth running, cleans up easily, and extends time between equipment cleaning.
  • Eliminates Char – Clean running characteristics reduce downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Smokeless and Odorless – contributes to a more pleasant work environment.
  • Versatile – Use on both roll-fed and magazine-fed equipment for labeling glass, plastic or metal containers.