LiquiLoc® Labeling Adhesives

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LiquiLoc® labeling adhesives are a family of high performance, yet economical water-based, container labeling adhesives. Specifically developed for excellent machining and versatility this line of adhesives exhibits superior bonding to all types of containers - from returnable bottles that require outstanding water, moisture and ice resistance, to low energy surfaces such as PET, PP, or treated PE. Regardless of the label stock, container type or application equipment, H.B. Fuller offers a LiquiLoc™ labeling adhesive that will meet your needs. If you’re interested in LiquiLoc™ Labeling Adhesives and want to know how we can create a customized solution for you please contact us.
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Application Solutions:
  • Glass Container Label Adhesives
  • Rigid Plastic Package Label Adhesives
  • Metal Container Label Adhesives
  • Lap Paste
Key Benefits:

  • Excellent machining – Apply without stringing or throwing, which minimizes build-up on equipment, reducing clean-up.
  • Excellent wet tack – Grabs labels and containers quickly and cleanly, even at lower coat weights and higher speeds; this improves productivity and reduces line stoppages.
  • Versatile – Runs well within a broad range of line speeds, and on various labeling equipment.
  • Adheres to various containers – superior adhesion to various substrates, from glass to plastic to metal.
  • Moisture resistant and ice proof – certain grades adhere even after hours in water-filled coolers.