Clean Melt® Packaging Hot Melt Adhesives

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Clean Melt® Packaging Hot Melt Adhesives

Clean Melt®  packaging hot melt adhesives are a family of high-performance, value-added hot melts developed by H.B. Fuller. These versatile adhesives combine high mileage, low maintenance, and powerful productivity with robust adhesion to create exceptional value. In addition, Clean Melt®  maintains a consistent light color, resists viscosity change and is odor free. For fewer blocked filters and nozzles, less waste and downtime, and higher machine efficiency in your packaging needs, look no further than Clean Melt®. If you’re interested in our HB Fuller Clean Melt® Packaging Hot Melt Adhesives and want to know how we can create a customized solution for you please contact us.

Application Solutions:

  • Case and carton sealing
  • Bliss and tray forming
  • Standard packaging applications

Key Benefits:

  • Performs without stringing and tailing 
  • Resists gel and char 
  • Resists bond failure at either low or high service temperatures 
  • Adheres to many difficult substrates
  • Bonds with only a few, precise beads placed