DGII™ Manual Applicator

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DGII™ Manual Applicator
ITW Dynatec's DGII is designed for versatility and speed. The gun connects to an adhesive supply hose through either a ball swivel fitting or an axial rotation (rotary) fitting. Adhesive output may be oriented for straight or right angle application with a variety of bead and spiral spray nozzles available. The DGII applicator can be fitted for a two- or four-fingered trigger and set up for bottom-entry or top-entry hose connection. Features include:
  • Rotary or ball swivel with top or bottom hose connection.
  • Ergonomic handle with a clear sight line to the nozzle tip.
  • Easy to change cartridge-style heater and sensor
  • Two or four finger trigger with built-in trigger lock.
  • Straight or right angle nozzle adapter.
  • Bead or swirl applications.

Common coDGII Manual Applicator with Spiral Spray Nozzlenfigurations include:
DGII Manual Applicator with Two Finger TriggerDGII Manual Applicator with a Four Finger TriggerDGII Manual Applicator with Right Angle Bead Nozzle

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