DynaFlex Hot Melt Hose

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DynaFlex Hot Melt Hose

About The DynaFlex Hot Melt Hose

DynaFlex hot melt hoses are 1000 psi (69 bar) hoses used to deliver hot melt glue material from a Dynamelt or Dynamini ASU to an ITW Dynatec applicator.

  • These hot melt hoes work with both a dispensing head or hand-held adhesive applicators

DynaFlex hot melt hoses provide through wiring for power, sensor and chassis ground in the applicator.

All DynaFlex hoses feature PT-100 RTD sensors, and wash down hot melt hose models are available. They consist of a standard hot melt hose, made water resistant with the addition of a seamless flexible sleeving, sealed end cuffs and liquid-tight electrical conduit and fittings. The hoses come with a one year warranty and competitve replacement hoses are available.

If you need a hose or other replacement part, contact our Technical Sales Manager for Adhesive Equipment from HAR at 440-785-7186 or complete our Request Information Form to request a call back.