HAR CG Pump System

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HAR CG Pump System

The HAR (CG) Cold Glue Pump Systems are used by both manufacturers in the woodworking and corrugated industries. The turnkey HAR CG Pump System can be customized and features:

  • Pre-Assembled Diaphragm Pump/Filter/Fluid Regulator
  • Fluid Delivery System (portable pressure pot or diaphragm pump that can accommodate a 5 gallon pail or 55 gallon drum)
  • Cold glue metering for a precision application every time
  • Trigger may be customized (foot switch pictured)
  • Stainless Steel and Inert Plastics
  • Standard and custom nozzles available
  • Manual application for woodworking and furniture, product assembly, or corrugated
  • Starting at $4,830.00

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