LPT/UFD™ Fiberized Spray Applicator

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LPT/UFD™ Fiberized Spray Applicator

ITW Dynatec invented Laminated Plate Technology, which is used in all ITW Dynatec UFD nozzles and is the most effective way to lay down fiberized adhesive. The unique and patented configuration of the laser cut, stainless steel-laminated plates is the only configuration on the market that allows the production of the Omega™ adhesive pattern and the production of the most effective Random Fiber pattern available, providing between 20 and 60% adhesive savings over spiral spray or melt-blown techniques due to larger, more controlled adhesive filament. UFD™ fiberized spray technology from ITW Dynatec is also less expensive in the long run over conventional coating and laminating techniques. Features for the LPT/UFD™ Fiberized Spray Applicator include:

  • Up to 50% Adhesive Savings
  • Better Bond Strength With Less Adhesive
  • Long Life Stainless Steel Construction
  • Precise Control of Adhesive Fiber Size and Placement
Dynatec automatic applicators surpass that of any other top industry brand in quality and affordability. Find out the possibilities by calling us at 440-786-7185 or Contact HAR Adhesive Technologies to request more information and one of our adhesive equipment specialists will be sure to follow up to see how we can help.