UFD-HS™ Fiberized High Speed Adhesive Applicator

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UFD-HS™ Fiberized High Speed Adhesive Applicator
With ITW Dynatec's patented Omega™ and Random Fiber patterns, the UFD-HS™ /  Dynatec UFD high-speed applications heads provide up to 70% adhesive savings by using less glue while maintaining if not improving bond strength.

Dynatec UFD features include:

  • Ideal for high-speed intermittent applications
  • On times down to 3.5 milliseconds
  • Cycle speeds up to 6,000 per minute
  • Precision control of adhesive coating
  • Rapid changeover of components
  • Low SCFM requirements from .05 per 25mm width
  • Single screw solenoid mounting - Patent Pending
  • Features long-life HS Series reverse acting module with direct or solenoid interface
  • Simplified and quick-change solenoid, module or nozzle
  • The solenoid can be rotated for left, right hand or center position (This feature is only available for the Dynatec UFD 1 & 2 port configurations)

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