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Industrial Adhesives
Create a Resin Based and Other Water-Based Liquid SDS Sheet
Dextrin SDS Industrial Adhesives
Merchant Adhesives for Printers
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Equity™ UFD Fiberized Spray Adhesive Applicator
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Automatic Applicators
MOD-PLUS™ Electric Valve Adhesive Applicator
BF Mod-Plus Marathon™ Adhesive Applicator
BF MicroBead™ Adhesive Applicator
Equity™ UFD Fiberized Spray Adhesive Applicator
UFD-HS™ Fiberized High Speed Adhesive Applicator
LPT/UFD™ Fiberized Spray Applicator
Equity™ Continuous Slot Die Auto Adhesive Applicator
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Other Replacement Parts
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Repairs & Maintenance
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Standard & Customized Systems
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ITW Dynatec Dynamini
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Industrial Masking Tape
Jay Cooke's All Purpose Sign Primer
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Advantra Encore™ Packaging Adhesives
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Getting to Know Adhesives
Getting to Know Hot Melt Glue Adhesives
Adhesives for All Occasions
The Versatility of Animal Glue
The Hot Melt Glue Advantage
Everything and the Kitchen Sink
The Diversity of Padding Adhesives
Indispensable Types of Adhesives
All Hot Melt Glue Is Not the Same
What is the World’s Strongest Adhesive?
Polyamide: A Superior Hot Melt Glue
Not All Fugitives Are Bad
Adhesives In Door Manufacturing
Polyvinyl Alcohol Adhesives: A Versatile Binder for Paperboard Applications
Adhesives Really Do Bring A Better Quality of Life
The Incredible Gluable Envelope
Product Protection – It’s All in the Container.
Form and Function: Tissue Paper and Paper Towel Adhesives Make the Difference.
Advantages of Using PUR Adhesives
Getting to Know Padding Compound and Other Bindery Adhesives
Recycling adhesives - a complicated question
Adhesive Solutions
Adhesive Solutions: Going Green to Save Money
Adhesives- The Backbone in Woodworking
Silicone Adhesive Solutions = Endless Possibilities
Cost Is Just Part of the Equation
The Toughest Masking Tape
Versatile Adhesive Solutions: This Ain't No Bull
A Simple “Sealed Shut” Solution
Custom-Formulated Adhesive Solutions for Custom-Fabricated Products
Adhesive Solutions for Seed Packaging
The Latest Technology In Hot Melt Glue: Advantra Encore™ Adhesive
Finding the Right Adhesive Solutions for Your Company
In Manufacturing, It All Comes Down to Economics
The Solution: Adhesive Audits
"Win-Win" Adhesive Supplier Relationships
Anti-Seize and Adhesive in Machine Manufacturing
Hot Melt Adhesives: Who Cares About Price Per Pound?
What Areas of Your Product Assembly Could Use Some Adhesive Innovation?
Adhesive Solutions that Reduce Waste and Improve Production
Adhesive Solutions in Vehicle Assembly
Adhesive Solutions in the Paper Industries
What Type of Adhesive Application Is Right For Your Company?
Adhesive Solutions in Door and Window Manufacturing
Variations in Carton, Case and Box Sealing
Adhesives Used in Manufacturing Fireworks
What Do Pringles® Chips, Ajax® Cleanser & Pillsbury® Crescents All Have in Common?
Adhesives in Farming
Not Fully Supported By Your Adhesive and Equipment Supplier?
The Use of Thermal Mastics in the Appliance Industry
How we gave one company the solutions needed to get their juices flowing
HAR announces success at several paper straw manufacturers!
Thermal Mastics—Essential to COVID-19 Vaccine Preservation
Can you “go green” when using an open roller pot system to bind books? (Hint: with HAR you can!)
Sometimes less is more (especially when you can save a customer roughly 25%)
If you ask for it… HAR will make it happen
Trust is invaluable — a story about baking pans and innovative solutions
Trouble sourcing aerosol led to inventive adhesive solutions
About HAR Adhesives
In a Bind With Your Bindery Needs?
Padding Compound and Model Rockets
Lighting Solutions
An Important Message from HAR Adhesive Technologies
Why HAR as Your Adhesive Supplier?
Adhesive Solutions from Automotive to Woodworking
Ever Wonder How One Ends Up An Adhesive Technical Sales Representative?
HAR Expands Adhesive Products to Include Wacker Silicone Adhesives
Supply Vs. Demand in Your Adhesive Applications
How Many Adhesive Suppliers Do You Have?
Our History & Our Focus as an Adhesive Supplier
3M Expands HAR Business to More Customers
HARnet: Our New On-line Ordering and Customer Notification System
HAR Adhesives Expands Operations in Erie County, New York
Software Developed by HAR Adhesive Technologies To Advance Our Customer’s Experience
The Dynamini™ Makes An Impact at Blackstone Brewery
Why HAR?
Why Large Fortune 100 Manufacturing Companies Prefer Doing Business with HAR
Why HAR Customers Confidently Refer HAR to Other Companies
How One Internet Lead Turned Into A Valued Win-Win Partnership
Why We Believe “Pail Accounts” Matter Too
Why the Acquisition of Knight Adhesives by HAR made such a Positive Difference
Why We Promote New Technology
Why We Have a Machine Repair and Rental Service
Why HAR? I think I know why.
Precision Cold Glue Application Equipment; Will hold furniture together without dripping and do muc
HAR is Producing Complimentary Multipurpose Sanitizer For Their Employees and Customers
Complimentary sanitizer update, giving back and the availability of more
COVID-19 Update from Joe Cerino, President of HAR
When Your Typical Adhesive Just Isn’t Enough
Introducing HARnet, Our New Online Store
Implementing creative solutions to exceed expectations
A Thoughtful COVID-19 Recap from the President of HAR
2020: A Year of Challenges & Opportunities
It’s a STICKY business... and we stick with our customers!
The Inventory Adhesive Crisis Continues
When one door opens… Adhesive solutions for the paper board and woodworking industries
APAO: An acronym to sleep on… (literally)
ITW Dynatec Distributor of the Year 2020
A word from the president of HAR and a very special customer
Padding Compound and Fan-Apart Adhesive; still a thing in 2022
A backstory on how HAR became an H.B. Fuller 2020 National & 2021 Regional Distributor of the Year
Get to know HAR better with our new digital brochure
A long time coming: Supply situation has finally improved
An award-winning adhesive business serving companies of all sizes
A Day in Bedford: HAR Supports and Inspires the Local Community
Coatings & Other Specialty Products
Grease in the Food and Beverage Industry
Removing Glue
Paint Primers with an Adhesion Punch
Food Grade Lubricants: A Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Manufacturing Essential
Adhesive Tips & Trends
Putting Tape to Work in Manufacturing
It’s Even in Steering Wheels
Adhesives in Food Packaging: Did You Know?
Adhesive Applications in the Food Industry
Niche Market Adhesive Applications for Book Binders
Sustainable Adhesive Solutions for the Packaging Industry
Shipping "Freezable" Adhesives During Winter Weather
Three Adhesive Myth Busters
Adhesive Economics
A Growing Market in Adhesives and Sealants
With the Rising Costs of Raw Materials, What Can We Do?
In Search of A Better Price for Your Adhesives?
Blister Packs A Punch in Packaging
The Hot Melt Adhesive Advantage, Take II
Global Trends of Adhesive in the Packaging Industry
Gearing Up for the Global Harmonized System
Adhesives and Way More: Does Your Company Have Too Many Suppliers?
To Automate or Not to Automate
The Change of Seasons and Adhesive Performance
Adhesive Application Equipment
Flexible Hot Melt Glue Solves Delamination Issue
ITW Dynatec Built-In Filter Applicator Head Is a Better Alternative
Take the Adhesive Applications Equipment Challenge
More than Just a “Glue Machine”
Turn-Key Adhesive Solutions
Get More Return on Your Equipment Investment
The Nordson Alternative
The Small Yet Mighty Hot Melt Application Supply Unit: ITW Dynatec’s Dynamini
Meet the Nordson Challenger: ITW Dynatec
Automatic Bulk Adhesive Feed System Provides Benefits to Manufacturers
ITW Dynatec Adhesive Applicators are Superior to Nordson
Hot Melt Adhesive: The “Secure” Option instead of Staples
Going Beyond the Glue
Where to Go When Stitching Your Adhesive is Wearing out Your Modules
Using an Adhesive Feeder to Save Money
Production Solutions & Building Relationships with Adhesive Equipment Advancements
Melt-on-Demand Technology : The Original "Tankless" Melter
Why Companies Buy CB-1465-HV from HAR
Next generation precision hot melt coating technology! The ITW Dynatec APEX™ slot die applicator
Keeping your hot melt equipment up and running trouble free is fine.
Why Proper Adhesive Equipment maintenance is critical for Maximum Quality and Productivity
Why HAR replacement parts cost significantly less—but still have the same great quality!
H.B. Fuller’s New SmartGrip® 5025 Palletizing Adhesive
Teamwork on the inside: HAR Adhesive and HAR Equipment Sales team up to provide a solution
Get to know HAR Equipment Sales (HES) with our new digital brochure
Save money with HAR replacement parts
Ebb and Flow: Adapting to Changing Application Challenges