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Dynamelt™ D Series Adhesive Supply Unit

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Dynamelt D Series is available in four hopper sizes and with a choice of dual or single gear pumps. The ASU uses a microprocessor temperature control to closely control the temperature of hot melt adhesive for up to eight hose standard and precision metered outputs. The Dynamelt D Series hot melt units feature ITW Dynatec's patented no-char, Melt-On-Demand System. Features include:

  • Up to four drives / four gear pumps permit up to 8 metered outputs.

  • Standard or precision metered outputs are available.

  • User-friendly push icon-driven controls with a multi-lingual display.

  • Dynacontrol™ P.I.D. digital temperature controller with platinum sensor accuracy.

  • 9 combinations of hopper sizes and melt rate selections.

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