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As a manufacturer of adhesives and a distributor for companies including H.B. Fuller, 3M, and ITW Dynatec, we stake our reputation on creating solutions for our customers. "We established this blog to offer our technical expertise, share trends, give insights to new products and applications, and tell unique stories along the way." - Joe Cerino

  • When Your Typical Adhesive Just Isn’t Enough

    At HAR, we offer hundreds of water-based and hot melt formulations. Typically, these high-performance products can handle almost any application that is thrown our way. However, we have identified several specialty packaging and product assembly applications where gluing difficult substrates requires advanced technology - AKA a little more than your typical adhesive. That’s where our PolyUrethane Reactive (PUR) product line comes in.

  • The Change of Seasons and Adhesive Performance

    Saturday, June 20th marked the first official day of summer. For those of us in the Northern part of the United States, we’re quickly feeling those warmer temperatures rise! There are rumblings of summer sports coming back, cookouts taking place, and beaches starting to reopen. Ah, sweet sweet summertime. ?So, you’re probably wondering what the heck does this have to do with adhesives? Great question.

  • Next generation precision hot melt coating technology! The ITW Dynatec APEX™ slot die applicator

    The APEX™ applicator is a highly precise air-operated adhesive applicator assembly with a flexible design that can be used in intermittent applications and on a variety of substrates. When used along with one of the versatile ITW Dynatec adhesive pattern controllers, an application or pattern that could never be achieved in the past is now attainable.

  • COVID-19 Update from Joe Cerino, President of HAR

    During this pandemic, we have all faced challenges unlike anything we have experienced before. We are missing the faces of our colleagues and conversations with our customers, and we know many businesses are feeling the same way. We have spent more time at home and more time reflecting on the future and how things will change. There will be some trepidation in the world as we continue, but ultimately, we will all adjust our course and move forward.

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