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As a manufacturer of adhesives and a distributor for companies including H.B. Fuller, 3M, and ITW Dynatec, we stake our reputation on creating solutions for our customers. "We established this blog to offer our technical expertise, share trends, give insights to new products and applications, and tell unique stories along the way." - Joe Cerino

  • ITW Dynatec Distributor of the Year 2020

    Nearly 20 years ago HAR had a vision of how we were going to be different. This vision included integrating our core adhesive business with our equipment business which allowed us to offer engineered solutions in addition to adhesive application equipment, parts, and services. This integration took a tremendous effort from our management team, our adhesive sales team, core members of our equipment business, and a unique level of support from ITW Dynatec.

  • APAO: An acronym to sleep on… (literally)

    The manufacturing of mattresses has been improving over time to provide people with higher quality sleep. There are new designs, improved foams, and more complex mattresses that continue to hit the market. And this means… they need an adhesive that can keep up. These adhesives must perform well with the new and continuing improvements. The adhesives used need to make assembly quicker and easier, but also need to bond foam around springs, several layers of cushioning foam, and keep cushioning pillowtop foam and fabrics in place.

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