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As a manufacturer of adhesives and a distributor for companies including H.B. Fuller, 3M, and ITW Dynatec, we stake our reputation on creating solutions for our customers. "We established this blog to offer our technical expertise, share trends, give insights to new products and applications, and tell unique stories along the way." - Joe Cerino

  • A backstory on how HAR became an H.B. Fuller 2020 National & 2021 Regional Distributor of the Year

    In 1999, the H.B. Fuller Company decided to begin a distributor program for its line of Packaged Adhesives, Converting Adhesives, and Product Assembly Adhesives. More than 300 companies from across the country were considered over a nearly two-year process. H.B. Fuller even hired a consulting firm to help them select the final companies that would form their initial distributor network. Now, for those who may be unfamiliar with H.B. Fuller, they have been a leading global adhesives provider focusing on perfecting adhesives, sealants, and other specialty chemical products to improve products and lives for 130+ years. AKA: They are the big-name worldwide pro in the industry. They sell to the largest companies in the world. They recognized that they needed a distributor network to better serve and secure relationships with an underserved tier of customers.

  • Padding Compound and Fan-Apart Adhesive; still a thing in 2022

    Today, our packaged adhesives can be found across North America and throughout the Caribbean Islands. We continue to sell our Padding Compound and Fan-Apart Adhesives to the paper merchants that remain in business, along with packaging distributors of all sizes, printing supply houses, and an array of online distributors. We continue to offer free freight to anywhere in North America on packaged adhesive orders of 12 cases or more. We have a private label program so our customers can differentiate their offerings. We offer custom tinted padding compounds and custom formulations when needed. We even offer a specialized water-based bindery adhesive for book conservation. Over the years we added a full line of hot melt perfect bindery adhesives for small printers using tabletop padding presses to large printing houses across the country.

  • Teamwork on the inside: HAR Adhesive and HAR Equipment Sales team up to provide a solution

    A large provider of packaging, publishing, and hygiene products reached out to HAR early last summer with a supply issue. They were using a special spray adhesive in aerosol cans, but needed to figure out a new solution due to raw material shortages. This prospect has over 125 operating distribution centers throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico, so we wanted to ensure we could deliver a solution that was less labor-intensive - and less expensive.

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