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HAR Adhesive Technologies goes beyond supplying your company with industrial glue or a new hot melt glue machine when when you need it. We are a full service adhesive application equipment provider of ITW Dynatec products, glue machines, and other specialized adhesive equipment manufacturers to be a "one stop shop" for everything you need to make your adhesive work the way you need it to. We also sell refurbished application equipment and adhesive machines, repaired and tested by a Certified ITW Dynatec Technician on our eBay store. To learn more about the equipment or adhesive machinery we offer and review our products, call us at 440-786-7185 or fill out our Request Information Form and we will contact you at your convenience.

"A two minute cold call from the HAR technical salesman, turned into a 15 minute meeting in my office. That 15 minute meeting turned into a $384,000 savings in my packaging operation and we did not even realize we had a problem. HAR did exactly what they said they would do and today that's rare!" - Operations Manager, $200 million packaging company

Adhesive Feeders

Hot melt adhesive feeders automatically transfer hot melt adhesive from a bulk container to the adhesive supply unit increasing productivity and reducing equipment down time by keeping the adhesive supply unit full of hot melt glue and diminishing the chances of introducing contaminants to the system. Feeders also minimize the operators’ exposure to the hot glue and mitigates the potential for injury.

Adhesive Supply Units

We provide a complete line of innovative adhesive supply units for low, medium and high-speed packaging and product assembly operations. No matter what you need, HAR offers the right hot melt glue machines to fit your needs.

Cold Glue Delivery Systems

We offer various stainless steel cold glue application systems and machines for the Packaging and Product Assembly industries that provide the fluid pressure you need for almost any cold glue. We also provide specialized support to the envelope industry with ITW Dynatec’s line of quality cold glue application systems.

Drum Adhesive Melters

Our drum unloaders provide an uninterrupted flow of hot melt adhesive for high volume production lines. Drum unloaders allow a full drum to be staged and used as needed and are a common and reliable delivery system for PUR adhesives.

Pattern Controllers

We offer variety of pattern controllers that can be used for hot melt or cold glue applications to deliver individualized adhesive patterns to increase production and provide consistent results with minimal glue usage. Our pattern controllers can support both time and distance based production requirements.

Automatic Applicators

Our automatic adhesive applicators are air-operated or electrically operated hot melt adhesive applicator assemblies that work with the adhesive supply unit and hot melt hose to automatically apply the adhesive to the product for accurate and consistent
results. Our line of ITW Dynatec applicators come standard with the “air open and air close” that reduces stringing. This gives a clean, sharp cutoff every time throughout the life of the head, unlike spring-operated applicators which cause more stringing as the spring wears and loses tension.

Manual Applicators

For small or specialized jobs, we also provide hand-held hot melt and cold glue adhesive applicators (glue guns) that dispense hot melt adhesive onto a substrate via manual activation of a trigger.

Roll Applicators

We are an adhesive manufacturer that provides a complete line of innovative roll applicators for low, medium and high-speed packaging operations available in sizes ranging from 6” to 18” as well as customizable sizes, all offering adjustable temperature control.

Padding Presses

With its three sizes and additional pressure unit, enabling continued paper stacking while the previous stack continues to dry, the ChamPADco series of padding presses have been recognized to be cost effective, simple to use, and sturdy.

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