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A Day in Bedford: HAR Supports and Inspires the Local Community

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Last week, Erich, our Operations Manager, and Lisa, our HR Manager, had the honor of participating in the annual Career Day at Bedford High School. Our goal was to provide support and encouragement and to offer a range of exciting job opportunities to the talented high school juniors and seniors.

At Career Day, our HAR team discussed the flexibility that HAR provides and our ability to accommodate the students' diverse schedules and needs. Whether someone is searching for part-time work to balance with their studies or a full-time opportunity to embark on a career path, we have options available.

We also stressed our consistent working hours. We wanted the students to know that they could rely on HAR to provide a stable source of income throughout the summer and beyond.

Additionally, we highlighted a variety of open roles within the company. From Production Support and Lab positions to Maintenance, Equipment, and Office roles, HAR offers an array of opportunities to match unique skills and interests. At HAR, we encourage students to explore their passions while developing valuable professional skills.

But beyond job opportunities, we also aim to nurture personal growth and development. We understand that success extends beyond the workplace and want to support the students' overall journey. We emphasized our commitment to investing in our employees, providing them with the tools and resources needed to thrive. With HAR, all employees have the chance to not only build a career but to continuously learn and advance within a supportive environment.

We want to thank Bedford High School for hosting us!

If you are seeking an opportunity to join a close-knit family, where flexibility and dependability meet, consider becoming a part of HAR Adhesive Technologies. Visit our website at to discover more about our company and the range of available positions. Apply today!

HAR Adhesive Technologies is proud to be an equal-opportunity employer, welcoming candidates from all backgrounds. We believe that diversity drives innovation and we are excited to see the unique talents and perspectives each individual can bring to our team.



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