HAR Adhesive Technologies provides innovative and cost-saving adhesive solutions

Contact a local adhesive representative to get help with for all your adhesive and adhesive application equipment needs.

As a formulator, compounder, and master adhesive supplier for companies like H.B. Fuller3M, Wacker, and other specialized adhesive manufacturers, we stake our reputation on creating customized solutions that exceed our customer’s expectations. Featuring ITW Dynatec equipment, HAR is a full service adhesive supplier.

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At HAR Adhesive Technologies, we understand the demands of today and want to help you by providing a trouble-free experience, undivided attention and quality support. Let our staff lighten up your stress. After all, our top priority is your satisfaction!

“I would never have believed that the adhesive we use to seal our cartons could jeopardize our entire company. Right after landing new business with a huge retailer, I was notified that three truckloads had been rejected because the cartons were popping open. Our national glue supplier said it must be an application problem and never showed up to help. My supervisor had the card of the HAR technical adhesive salesman and we gave him a call. He was here within the hour. Within 24 hours HAR solved our problem. We have not had another adhesive or adhesive equipment problem since and we have been doing business with HAR for many years. Since that time this product line has grown over 1,000%.”

President of a national food processing and packaging company

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Are you looking for ways to run more efficiently? HAR Adhesive Technologies is here to help companies run worry-free AND lower their long term costs. We specialize in a wide range of adhesive innovations that allows us to provide products and technical expertise for nearly any adhesive application regardless of size and volume.

“Comparatively speaking, we are a small user of adhesives.  But that didn’t stop HAR from giving us their undivided attention when the growth of our business coupled with the old way we taped boxes was causing late orders and disappointed customers.  HAR recommended changes to our production packaging system, then installed an in line ITW Dynatec melter and recommended an adhesive.  The entire system has been trouble free from day one and has met all our needs.”

Owner of a small novelty food distributor

Imagine solutions that surpass your expectations...

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Have other adhesive companies told you it can’t be done? HAR is up for any challenge—especially when it comes to fulfilling your requirements! We work with you every step of the way to find customized solutions that work for you.

“We wanted to stop using our current type of adhesive for safety and quality reasons and move to a water-based formula.  After evaluating countless samples, we were told by every other adhesive company that what we wanted was not possible.  Only HAR seemed to have a potential solution and then they worked with us to perfect it.  We are now transitioning all our plants to the technology everyone else said was impossible.”

Director of Engineering from a world-wide manufacturer of crafts

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Do you have production down-time because of a poor performing adhesive or are you waiting too long for your adhesive delivery? HAR understands you need an adhesive partner that is flexible, capable and responds quickly. Let us show you our proven solutions and dedicated support.

“We were buying four different types of adhesives from four different companies and getting adhesive equipment from a fifth company. Our business is always changing and when we called with a problem only one company continually seemed to understand our sense of urgency and that company was HAR.   Most importantly, our HAR Technical salesman seemed to always have the solution we needed.  Today, from super glues to hot melt adhesives and adhesive equipment we look to HAR. By the way, we get the same positive support when we call the plant, even when we need an order expedited!  Thank you!”

Plant Manager of a mid-sized foam fabricator

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Are you looking for ways to help your business grow? Our technical sales reps can show you high performance adhesives and the right application equipment that can work in ways you never thought possible—from bonding unique materials to increasing mileage and more!

“We have relied on HAR Adhesives to supply our adhesive needs for many years.  As our industry evolved, we found the need to explore new markets that required unique substrates.  HAR was there every step of the way quickly identifying superior adhesive technology that met our needs and has helped our business grow over 50%.”

Owner of a medium size flexible packaging laminating company