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HAR Adhesives Expands Operations in Erie County, New York

My grandfather started Knight Adhesives in Buffalo, New York over 40 years ago and, in 2009, Knight joined HAR Adhesive Technologies. Since that time we have introduced many new technologies, expanded our capabilities and implemented many operational innovations. The result of this merger and growth in "know how" has been a corresponding growth in our business, to the point where I am very proud to announce that we are moving to a much larger, state of the art manufacturing facility and distribution center in Cheektowaga.

Our need for this new facility is directly related to our customer's support and willingness to allow us to offer "adhesive solutions and support beyond imagination." Further, this investment reinforces our commitment to our customers in Up-State New York and the surrounding areas that we serve.

Our new facility, located at 3940 Broadway in Cheektowaga, Erie County, has over 10 times the manufacturing and distribution capacity. We are now clearly prepared to meet our customers needs well into the future. We have upgraded all our automation, broadened our production output and product line, and increased our storage capabilities.

HAR strives every day to innovate and continue to help our customers find solutions to all of their adhesive, adhesive application equipment and packaging engineering needs. We are very proud to mention, that as numerous adhesive manufacturing facilities have exited this region over the past 30 years, HAR is expanding and growing. We are now the only industrial adhesives manufacturing plant of its kind in this area, providing full-service adhesive solutions, not just for our region, but for companies throughout the United States and abroad.

My job is to be a partner, working hard to give our customers an advantage over their competition. As a formulator, compounder and master adhesive distributor for companies such as H.B. Fuller, 3M, Wacker, Camie-Cambell and Royal Adhesives & Sealants, my goal is to continue provide excellent customer service and customized adhesive solutions for years to come.

Eric Eckert , Technical Sales Manager

(716) 852-7955


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