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How Many Adhesive Suppliers Do You Have?

The fact of the matter is we get most of our new business from opportunities or recommendations from our current customers. They know of a company that needs adhesive solutions and they tell them to call HAR. While this is a testament to the solid relationship we have built with our customers over the years and results in quite a bit of activity, I still spend time every week meeting new companies and working on building new relationships.

Any time I see a company in my region that is doing something familiar, I always stop in to see if I can help.

I was just at a current customer of ours that uses our hot melt glue. They make a variety of sample display boards. I know the display board business can be complex and I wondered why they were only buying one type of adhesive from us. Turns out they were buying five other types of adhesives from five different suppliers.

I asked, “What if you could get all five products from one adhesive supplier?”

He said, "If I could do that and meet his quality and price concerns that would be great.”

He went on to tell me they have many different types of substrates (the materials you applying the adhesive to) that need bonded. So they found a vendor that specializes in each glue they needed. He then proceeded to list the six types of adhesives they buy:

  1. Foam tape

  2. Cyanoacrylates (i.e. super glue)

  3. Animal glue

  4. Water-based polyvinyl acetate

  5. Box sealing tape

Then I spoke up. “You know, we offer every single one of those adhesives plus a couple hundred more. If you would like to only have to deal with one adhesive supplier and save freight costs, maybe we can do that for you.”

Minimizing the number of vendors you deal with means less wasted time, better cost-savings and increased productivity. Now they only have one adhesive supplier - HAR! Contact me at 440-220-0115 to find out how we can provide you the adhesives you need while saving time and money along the way. Scott Lepard, Technical Sales Manager 440-220-0115


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