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Cyanoacrylate (CA) also known as “super glue” can provide excellent bonds to many plastics, rubbers, metals, wood and other substrates.  CAs cure in the presence of moisture.  If any moisture from the substrate or atmosphere are available, they will react with the water molecules and begins the curing process at a very fast rate.  Thus, CAs are among the fastest curing adhesives available and bond the widest range of materials.  A minimum amount of CA is needed to bond and work best when there is an extremely thin film between the substrate.  Commonly known to be fast setting, CAs provide strong, durable bonds that have excellent aging and weathering properties.


  • Moderate cost because of small amounts needed for bonding

  • Fast setting – Available in various fixture times

  • Surface prep available to increase set speed and strength

  • Bonds a wide range of similar and dissimilar materials

  • Excellent impact and vibration resistance

  • Good resistance to high temperatures and humidity

  • Single part – easily dispensed – no special application equipment necessary

  • Available in various viscosities

  • Easily dispensed

  • “Toughened” series of products available for higher impact resistance

  • Bonds skin instantly


  • Product assembly – metal, plastics, and many others

  • Bonds difficult substrates

  • Wood and MDF bonding

  • Electronics, aerospace, air filters, loudspeakers, medical devices, toys, and countless more



Anaerobic Adhesives or thread lockers are liquid adhesives used to ensure mechanical fasteners remain properly joined, but can be disassembled when required.  Anaerobic adhesive also can serve as a sealant to prevent corrosion of the fastener due to its filing of microscopic gaps in the metal to metal fastener.  They distribute the load on a fastener over the entire engagement length of the assembly, greatly reducing or completely eliminating fastener and material fatigue.  Anaerobic adhesives are available in various strengths from low to facilitate removal, to very high requiring high heat to break the bonding. 


  • Reduction of product assembly cost

  • Provide bonding and thread sealing

  • Excellent vibration resistance

  • Good cold and hot temperature resistance

  • Fast fixture times – sets up in minutes with 24-hour total cure

  • Helps prevent rust and corrosion

  • Available in various viscosities

  • Easily dispensed

  • Excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals

  • Product assembly

  • Bonds many metals

  • Automotive

  • Heavy industrial equipment

  • Flange sealant

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"We were buying four different types of adhesives from four different companies and getting adhesive equipment from a fifth company. Our business is always changing and when we called with a problem only one company continually seemed to understand our sense of urgency and that company was HAR. Most importantly, our HAR Technical salesman seemed to always have the solution we needed. Today, from super glues to hot melt adhesives and adhesive equipment we look to HAR. By the way, we get the same positive support when we call the plant, even when we need an order expedited! Thank you!" 


- Plant Manager of a mid-sized foam fabricator

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