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Clarity™ container labeling adhesives from H.B. Fuller


High-performance, pressure sensitive hot melts that form a virtually invisible line on labeling containers made of glass, plastic and metal.
Clarity™ from HB Fuller is the answer for challenging labels or difficult container materials and conditions. This new range of synthetic container labeling adhesives eliminates the char, smoke and odor common with conventional hot melts, reducing maintenance costs and creating a more pleasant work environment. If you’re interested in our H.B. Fuller Clarity™ Container Labeling Adhesives and want to know how we can create a customized solution for you, please contact HAR Adhesive Technologies now.

Application Solutions:
    - Cut and stack metal cans
    - Roll-fed PET and glass bottles
    - Cut and stack PET and glass bottles
Key Benefits:
    - Strong hot tack
    - Light color and low odor
    - Clean machining performance minimizing downtime
    - Viscosity stability for consistent adhesive application
    - Suitable for hard to bond substrates
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