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Hot melt adhesives based on METALLOCENE offer a broad variety of superior performance features and many diverse applications opportunities. Metallocene hot melts are formulated to bond many types of substrates including corrugated board, cardboard, wood, some foams, and other difficult to bond materials.


These hot melts can be used in applications where EVA and PE hot melts are used but perform in a superior manner. Metallocene based hot melts are lighter in weight than most other hot melts. This results in less weight being applied to the substrate saving glue cost. Metallocene has superior bonding strength and will, in most cases provide a deeper penetrating bond line. Combined with superior performance is low odor and smoke free with outstanding pot life. Under normal use, metallocene hot melts will not char in hot melt pots over a long-time frame, keeping the adhesive and pots clean. Char free also means hoses and nozzles will last much longer and not clog, reducing equipment downtime. Although slightly higher in per pound cost than EVA or PE based hot melts, the cost per box or carton sealed will be significantly reduced. Forward thinking decision makers will insist on metallocene base hot melts to keep their production lines running smoothly and consistently, while providing the highest quality finished product possible.

    - Fast Set
    - Lower cost per case or carton sealed
    - Lower specific gravity
    - Bonds many difficult substrates
    - Eliminates tailing and cobwebbing
    - Good hot and cold resistance
    - Light color
    - No smoke or odor
    - Eliminates charring
    - Easy and Safe handling
    - Reduced maintenance costs
    - Excellent for high speed case and carton sealing and erecting
    - Bonds many coated board stocks
    - Freezer grade products available
    - Graphic arts bonding
    - Foam to foam and other foam applications
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