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A Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (HMPSA) is a product that retains tack after cooling to form a bond with light to moderate pressure applied.


Think of sticky packing tape that seals a box instantly upon contact and mild pressure. The adhesive on that packing tape is a “pressure sensitive” adhesive that will adhere to many types of difficult substrates. Applied to a substrate hot and allowed to cool, HMPSA are generally formulated with various synthetic rubbers that can create a product from extremely tacky to very little tack such as “fugitive” or” booger glue.” That’s the glue that holds your credit card to the paper insert when you get one in the mail. It has so little tack it will not tear the paper! Most applications require much higher tack levels to hold an infinite number of substrates together. Typically, high heat is it’s enemy because they have low melt points and can lose adhesion due to heat exposure. Many HMPSA are formulated with higher heat resistance and various peel or shear strength, so choose wisely.

    Medium to High Cost
    - Bonds many difficult substrates
    - Slow setting – Unlimited open time
    - Good flexibility
    - Fair cold and heat resistance (formulations vary)
    - Easy and safe handling
    - Apply and dispense with most industry standard equipment
    - Light to dark color
    - Moderate char in pots
    - May require silicone release paper to prevent blocking
    - Excellent for difficult substrates
    - Many paper converting applications
    - Assembling wood, plastic, glass, wood and many others
    - Graphic Arts
    - Foam to foam and other foam applications
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