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HAR Adhesive Technologies offers one-step industrial masking tape products that protect surfaces during a highly abrasive polymer, glass bead or sandblasting process.

Industrial Masking Tape

The new industrial masking tapes were developed using a thick layer of aggressive yet removable rubber based adhesive with no carrier. The thick layer of adhesive (0.1" - 0.17") adheres well to aluminum and metal surfaces, withstands the polymer/glass bead/sandblasting process then removes cleanly without additional scraping that can damage the surface.

Our industrial masking tape uses a 2 mil clear PET film release liner that can be removed or left on during the blasting process. The clear film liner allows for easy positioning of the tape. The masking tape may also be formulated as a gasket or assembly tape for difficult to attach surfaces like open cell foam, rubber, wood, fabric, painted surfaces, and plastic. Rolls are available 50 ft. long and from 3/8" to 2" wide. HAR is a direct supplier of industrial masking tape and other adhesive products using in the manufacturing process.

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