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Simplicity™ Series - Adhesive Supply Unit

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The Simplicity™ ASU takes innovation, technology and performance to the next level. Clear, intuitive V6 controls and a modular design make it simple to install, operate and maintain. With a distinctive new orange ceramic coating, this compact hot melt adhesive unit features an HMI and hopper lid swivel for flexible configurations, while its small internal reservoir and auto feeding system rivals “tankless” systems. To match the production needs optimally, at the 16 kg hopper (only) a pre-melt grid can be mounted to increase the adhesive melt rate and two piston pumps can be mounted to double the delivery rate, which make Simplicity™ unique and exceptional in his class.


The Simplicity™ adhesive supply units feature a modular design that makes it simple to install, operate and maintain. Its unique design and performance features set it apart from the competition, minimizing downtime and maximizing flexibility and reliability.

  • “Turn it on and walk away” convenience makes it an outstanding value

  • Vertically integrated pump with easy-spin pump filter

  • Easy-to-operate single board control eliminates the need for extensive training

  • Melt-On-Demand technology eliminates charring and reduces maintenance

  • Dual piston pump capabilities (16 kg unit only)

  • All-in-one filter/regulator with integrated pre-filter and coalescing filter

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