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HAR also manufactures adhesives including water-based adhesives, custom formulated adhesives as well as quickpad, carbonless fan apart, and padding compound for private label use. In addition, we manufacture our own line of primers and the ChamPADco padding presses. Click on each to learn more...

  • Quick Pad, Carbonless Fan Apart & Padding Compound:  For every kind of bindery operations.

  • Primer All 10:  Formulated to be “simply the best” water based primer-sealer available anywhere. Able to prime interior and exteriors, seal drywall and plywood, it is a superior undercoat for oil or latex paints.

  • Jay Cooke's All Purpose Sign Primer:  The industry leading high build, water-based, universal primer, sealer and stain blocker.  It contains fast dry convenience with outstanding adhesion, build and sealing capabilities, and can be used for both interior and exterior applications.

  • ChamPADco Padding Presses:  Recognized for over 50 years to be the most cost effective Press per unit; the most reliable and simple to use Press on the market; and incredibly versatile and sturdy. The ChamPADco Padding Press series has three sizes: 11", 14" and 22" and offers additional "Pressure Units" for each size.

  • Industrial Masking Tapes:  One-step masking tape products that protect surfaces during a highly abrasive polymer, glass bead or sand blasting process. The new tapes were developed using a thick layer of aggressive yet removable rubber based adhesive with no carrier. The clear film liner allows for easy positioning of the tape.

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