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n addition to adhesives and adhesive application equipment, HAR also distributes a variety of lubricants for anti-wear and anti-seize applications in manufacturing processes. We have partnered with Total Lubricants and other manufacturers to offer a wide range of greases and other lubricants that meet or exceed application standards.

Greases are used in virtually every manufacturing industry, most often between moveable objects in processing equipment. HAR distributes food grade greases, anti-seize greases and thermal conductive greases that offer high film strength, extreme pressure, extreme temperature, anti-friction and anti-wear properties. We have a wide range of formulations to match any application need including silicone, lithium complex, aluminum complex, calcium-complex and mineral oil based greases.

Other lubricants such as silicone sprays, coating lubricants and releasing agents are used for all kinds of equipment needs. Whether you are looking for rust protection, waterproofing, mold-making, anti-wear or anti-friction and more, we offer a host of products including food grade NSF certified, non-staining, never-dry or quick-dry formulas to work on multiple surfaces and multiple moving parts.

Whatever the job, we can create customized services for your production needs. Please contact us for more information

Anti-Seize Greases


HAR Adhesive Technologies' anti-seize greases are formulated to protect metal parts from galling, rust, corrosion, excessive wear, extreme pressure, chemical exposure and high moisture.

Lubricant Sprays


HAR also offers a complete line of releasing agent and silicone lubricant sprays used for a variety of applications and uses.

Nevastane Lubricants


HAR Adhesive Technologies offers the Nevastane® brand by Total to provide a full range of food grade lubricants that are NSF H1 registered for incidental food contact.

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