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HAR also offers a complete line of releasing agent and silicone lubricant sprays used for a variety of applications and uses.

Lubricant Sprays

Our silicone sprays contain no chlorofluorocarbons or other ozone depleting chemicals.

Silcone Lubricant/Release Agents – FDA approved for food processing, these heat stable silicone release agents leave a colorless, non-staining dry film recommended for difficult release applications and preventing build-up and friction.

Silicone Sprays - Created for applications where metal meets metal to provide a long-lasting lubricating film with excellent heat, rust and other corrosive resistance to stop squeaking and wear and help keep machinery running smoothly. Available in non-staining, colorless and food grade.

Dry Moly Lubricants – These lubricants and penetrants offer anti-seize, anti-friction and anti-corrosion on a wide temperature range and the ability able to handle extreme pressure. These sprays are inert to water, oil alkalis and many acids and will not attract dust. Used for assembly and disassembly in industrial applications, these lubricants adhere to metals, rubber, glass and most plastics and will stop squeaks while providing a waterproof protection.

Gear Lubricants – Non-acidic, non-toxic and non-corrosive, our gear lubricant becomes tacky quickly will not drip, melt, dry out or build up to prolong gear and equipment life and re-lubricate with each gear revolution.

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