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HAR Adhesive Technologies is not merely a supplier of industrial glue; we transcend the conventional role by providing comprehensive solutions for your adhesive application needs.

Our commitment goes beyond offering a new hot melt glue machine or adhesive equipment and parts – we position ourselves as a complete service provider specializing in ITW Dynatec products, parts, glue machines, and various other adhesive equipment manufacturers. Consider us your ultimate "one-stop shop" for all things related to adhesive application.

In addition to our extensive range of new equipment and parts, we understand the value of cost-effective solutions. That's why we also offer refurbished application equipment and adhesive machines, meticulously repaired and rigorously tested by Certified ITW Dynatec Technicians. These high-quality, pre-owned options provide an economical yet reliable choice for your adhesive requirements.

At HAR Adhesive Technologies, customer satisfaction is paramount. Whether you need guidance on selecting the right equipment or want to learn more about our adhesive machinery, our dedicated team is ready to assist you. Call us at 440-786-7185, and our knowledgeable staff will provide insights, answer your queries, and guide you through the process.

For added convenience, you can also fill out our Request Information Form, and we will reach out to you at a time that suits your schedule. Trust HAR Adhesive Technologies to be your reliable partner in achieving optimal performance and efficiency in your adhesive processes.

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