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HAR Adhesive Technologies has distributed nationally since 1962, when Art Harad founded HARAD Chemical, serving niche adhesive markets through a national distribution network. Across the U.S. and into Canada, HAR Adhesive regularly serves the packaging adhesive markets, specifically:

  • Packaged Adhesives and Padding Presses for Printers sold through National and Regional Paper Merchants and Graphic Arts Supply Houses. Over the past decade our presence has grown in this market through the acquisition and continued sales of the ChamPADco and the Merit brands of Padding compound. Today we offer a full line of Padding adhesive choices from standard Padding Compound, Premium Quick Pad, Universal Fan-Apart Adhesive for Carbonless sheets and Hot Melts for Bookbinding and Padding.

  • Packaged Adhesives for the specialty fabric industry sold through the largest distributors in the country. Our line of specialty designed solvent-based adhesives for this industry remain as popular and effective today as they were when they were developed over 40 years ago.

  • Water-based Primers for the Sign Industry sold through Sign Supply Houses nationwide. This business made great strides due to our association with Jay Cooke and the development of Jay Cooke’s All-purpose Sign Primer.


Additionally, HAR Equipment has developed an online eBay store, now making available to customers throughout North America certified refurbished adhesive application equipment as well as new industrial handheld glue guns and ITW Dynatec replacement parts for glue application machines. For more information, please fill out our Request Form or contact us directly.

Adhesive Customer Sales and Service:

Office: 440-786-7185


Adhesive Equipment Customer Sales and Service:

Peggy Lapidus

Office: 440-786-7185

Thanks to our employees, our customers and our partners, the company has grown into what it has become today.

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