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HAR Adhesive Technologies has a long-standing partnership with ITW Dynatec®, a worldwide leader in hot melt glue systems, Dynatec UFD, and hot melt adhesive application solutions.

ITW Dynatec is a top-rated adhesive company that designs and manufactures a full range of cold and hot-melt glue application equipment for the Nonwovens, Converting, Product Assembly and Packaging industries worldwide. When it comes to hot melt and water-based coating/laminating, high-speed converting, case sealing and other adhesive applications, ITW Dynatec leads the way in adhesive solutions. ITW Dynatec is an ISO 9001-certified manufacturer and has been an industry leader in adhesive application technologies for over 45 years.

ITW Dynatec provides value-added systems and parts; they manufacture the brand ITW Challenger, which are 100% compatible replacement parts for Nordson® and Slautterback®, offering the same or better quality as those offered by the OEM at a much lower cost.

Partnering with ITW Dynatec, HAR is a full-service adhesive application equipment supplier from customized design and installation to quality repair and maintenance

To get more information about ITW Dynatec hot melt units or ITW Dynatec nozzles, call HAR Adhesive Technologies at 440-785-7186 or use our Request Information Form.

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