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Revolutionizing Fresh Fruit Packaging Sustainability With H.B. Fuller® Earthic™ 9802

H.B. Fuller® Earthic™ 9802
H.B. Fuller®

At HAR Adhesive Technologies, our commitment to providing innovative and sustainable adhesive solutions in partnership with H.B. Fuller is unwavering. Today, we're excited to introduce a game-changer in the fresh fruit packaging industry: the H.B. Fuller® Earthic™ 9802 washable adhesive solution.


The Fresh Fruit Market Is Consistently Growing

The fresh food market revenue is on a steady growth trajectory, expected to increase annually by 4.28% (NA, CAGR 2023-2028). Within this market, fresh fruits hold significant volume, with a staggering 24.31 billion kilograms recorded in 2022. Among these fruits, grapes and berries alone represent 20% of the total fresh fruit revenue.

Addressing The Changing Landscape Of Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Earthic™ 9802 is designed to meet the evolving demands of sustainable packaging solutions:

  • Caustic Washable: Enables recyclability by allowing easy removal of adhesive from both substrates through a washing process.

  • Semi-Permanent: Facilitates recyclability by ensuring adhesive removal without leaving any residue behind.

  • Clear Appearance And No Staining: Enhances brand image on transparent packaging by avoiding unsightly stains.

  • Low Temperature Resistance: Ensures labels remain intact even in refrigerated environments.

  • Food Safety: Meets FDA indirect 175.105 standards for food safety.

  • Low Temperature Application: Prevents warping of substrate, saving energy and improving operational safety.

  • Great Adhesion: Provides strong adhesion to hold labels during production and shipping processes.

A Flexible And Reliable Solution

The Earthic™ 9802 adhesive solution is versatile and applicable to various packaging scenarios, for example:

  • Ideal for berries clamshells.

  • Suitable for trays of meat and deli/vegetables trays.

  • Compatible with thermoformed PET substrates.

  • Suitable for HDPE and wood pulp fiber core substrates.

  • Provides excellent adhesion to paper labels.

Embracing Sustainable Packaging Practices

With Earthic™ 9802, HAR Adhesive Technologies and H.B. Fuller are revolutionizing fresh fruit packaging sustainability. By offering a caustic washable adhesive solution that prioritizes recyclability, transparency, and food safety, we are empowering businesses to meet their sustainability goals while delivering high-quality products to consumers.

Join us in embracing sustainable packaging practices and ushering in a greener future for the fresh fruit industry with H.B. Fuller® Earthic™ 9802. Together, we can make a difference, one adhesive solution at a time.

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