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Adhesive Solutions for Seed Packaging

Spring is here and summer is right around the corner. That can only mean one thing. It’s time to plant seeds! While consumers and farmers purchase seeds for many reasons, the top reason is to harvest food. Having the ability to plant a diverse mix of seeds, we can select and grow our own vegetables, flowers, grass and so much more.

Seed companies make billions of dollars selling these products, but without proper packaging and shipping of these products they could not be successful. Packaging seeds is a little more complicated then you may think. Machines have to sort, count, pack and seal the products. The sealing is where we come in. Years ago, our company came up with an adhesive that can withstand the pressure of both large bags and small packets of seeds that adheres quickly and dries fast. As a matter of fact, the seed machine manufacturer StampRite recommends our product to all their seed packaging customers. This unique adhesive was specifically made for sealing seed packets and bags using high-speed automated equipment.

If you’re a seed packaging company, give us a call at 716-852-7955 to learn more about this specialized adhesive and other adhesives we offer for all packaging and shipping needs. Happy planting!

Eric Eckert, Technical Sales Manager



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