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ITW Dynatec's DY2002 Pattern Control Unit can be used in hot melt and/or cold glue applications. The DY2002 can make up to 4 glue patterns (4 delays + 4 glues) per channel to create independent adhesive patterns. Each channel may operate in one of six different distance-based modes or a driver mode. Alternatively, the unit may be programmed as a timer for constant-speed applications where the inclusion of an encoder is not required. Features include:

  • 2 Channels

  • 4 Patterns per Channel

  • Memory for 12 Programs

  • Distance-Based, Time-Based and Driver Modes

  • Trigger Inputs for Each Channel

  • Programmable Pressure Run-Up

  • Easy-to-Navigate Menu Structure

  • Integrated Palletization Mode

  • Built-In Production Counters

  • Machine Speeds to 600m/min(2000fpm) @ 0.5mm (.02”)

  • Scalable Machine Speed Input

  • 55VDC or 170VDC Over-Excitation

Give us a 440-786-7185 or complete our Request Information Form to find out more about the full line of ITW Dynatec Hot Melt Pattern Controllers.

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