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Two factors that any hot melt operation wants to keep in check are product and adhesive waste.


The APEX™ HS Slot Die Adhesive Applicator offers a solution with it’s crisp, clean adhesive cutoff that the competition just can’t match. ITW Dynatec's design features reverse-acting modules and optimized channels tailored to specific patterns to achieve optimal performance. Real world tested with a wide range of adhesives and substrates, the APEX™ has been shown to minimize both adhesive and product waste.

Did you know that ITW Dynatec’s APEX High Speed Slot Die Applicator is an air-operated hot melt adhesive applicator machine assembly with an optional filter manifold?

The hot melt adhsive applicator is used with intermittent pressure and constant pressure hot melt adhesive supply units (ASUs). APEX models are offered in six different module configurations. The APEX offers a variety of heated adhesive supply hose connections into the service or filter manifolds. These slot die applicators can be configured for either ITW Dynatec’s DynaControl controller, Microprocessor Temperature Control/ Compu- Vision (MCV), DynaPlus/ Pro or it can be configured for a competitive upgrade. Features include:

  • Precise high speed intermittent adhesive patterns

  • Self-cleaning die lips permit the use of a variety of adhesive viscosities

  • Exceptional value for a high speed slot die applicator

  • Slot die design does not require micro adjustments to achieve the required adhesive lay down weights

  • APEX™ SD module provides a clean adhesive cutoff regardless of the adhesive pattern

  • Ideal for precise high speed intermittent adhesive patterns.

  • Optional non-heated die width extension(s) for easier substrate handling.

  • Air-operated modules feature spring-assist close for precise cut-off.

  • Die lip design prevents build-up of unwanted materials.


Find out more about our adhesive solutions and possibilities that HAR Adhesive Technologies can provide for your company, call us now at 440-786-7185 or you are welcome to fill out our Request Information Form and we will contact you at your convenience.

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