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Polyvinyl Alcohol Adhesives: A Versatile Binder for Paperboard Applications

Non-toxic and biodegradable, polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) adhesives are an excellent choice in food or general paper packaging as well as paperboard manufacturing. Developed to laminate or bind various paper and paperboard products, PVOH adhesives wet out fast to grab and bond quickly.

Often used in the manufacturing of composite cans, tube winding, corrugated board and corner guards for boxes, polyvinyl alcohol has exceptional film forming, emulsifying and bonding properties. More economical and easier to use than dextrin and other synthetics found in some paperboard manufacturing, PVOHs are sometimes filled with clay to a create firm core in cans, tubes and cardboard with impressive crush strength.

In food packaging, polyvinyl alcohol adhesives are FDA approved as an adhesive for indirect food contact. PVOHs are tasteless, odorless and can be used on their own or blended with polyvinyl acetate emulsions for a faster set. In addition, these adhesives are also quite suitable for automatic labeling operations and continuous laminating of foil or paper, including heat-sealed bonding. If that wasn’t enough, polyvinyl alcohol is very resistant to oil, grease and solvents while maintaining high tensile strength and flexibility.

Simply put, PVOHs are water-based adhesives with excellent mileage and quick-bonding characteristics making them perfect for improved line efficiency and quality. Best of all they are low-cost!

At HAR, we offer a variety of polyvinyl alcohol adhesives in any viscosity to meet your exact specifications. If you are interested to learn more, call or email us today.

Ken Schonauer, Sale Systems and Support Manager


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