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The EVC-1 (Electronic Volume Controller) from ITW Dynatec provides superior technology for varying adhesive volume during parent machine line speed changes. This assures that the correct volume of adhesive is dispensed onto the product, thus saving you valuable adhesive and assuring product integrity. The EVC-1 is compatible with most ITW Dynatec hot melt systems, including gear and piston, and is field upgradable. Features include:

  • Compatible with most new and existing ITW Dynatec equipment.

  • Smart electronics work with both 120 VAC and 240 VAC power input without changing internal circuitry.

  • Easy to use controls allow for fine tuning of adhesive output throughout a full range of line speeds.

  • Smart electronics will accept 0-10vdc or 4-20ma input signals for varying output signal in harmony with parent machine line speed.


Give us a 440-786-7185 or complete our Request Information Form to find out more about the full line of ITW Dynatec Hot Melt Pattern Controllers.

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