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ITW Dynatec’s Equity Line UFD Spray Applicator Heads are air operated, multi-module hot melt adhesive applicator assemblies with integrated basket filters designed to prevent particulate matter from obstructing adhesive flow.

The stackable UFD applicators are modular and may be combined to produce segmented applicators of 1 to 200 ports.

ITW Dynatec has a patented Equity line of hot melt adhesive applicators that provides the customer with the flexibility to expand or shorten to meet changing manufacturing requirements. There is no need to buy a new application head, you can use the "equity" that you have already invested in by owning an ITW Dynatec Equity product. Features of the Equity™ UFD Spray Applicator include:

  • Adhesive Add-on weights from .02 grams per linear meter per strand

  • Adhesive Savings up to 70% over spiral or all other types of non-contact application methods

  • Vertical or horizontal nozzle mount HS Series modules available

Find out more about our adhesive solutions and possibilities that HAR Adhesive Technologies can provide for your company, call us now at 440-786-7185 or you are welcome to fill out our Request Information Form and we will contact you at your convenience.

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