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Custom-Formulated Adhesive Solutions for Custom-Fabricated Products

A local company who engineers a variety of noise control products was having an issue with one of their custom designs. They were making fiberglass decorative panels with a fabric outer layer that needed to be glued onto the fiberglass. The water-based adhesive they were using from a different supplier continually bled through the fabric no matter how they applied it. In addition, the dry time was much too slow causing a lag in production.

They contacted me with their concerns, so I brought an additional adhesive specialist armed with several samples to try. Looking in depth at their application process, they use a 275 gallon tank with a handheld spray gun. We wanted to ensure the adhesive that would work to their specifications, could be applied using their current equipment.

While every sample we tried showed noticeable improvement, it was not to our customer’s or our satisfaction. We went back to HAR and in the lab started to formulate adhesive samples more specific to their needs. It took several attempts (and formulating “out of the box”) but we developed a custom formulation of a water-based adhesive with a high solid content that worked great. The adhesive caused no bleed through with a much faster drying time that can be used on their current equipment. And the best part is now their overall production costs have lowered because of no product waste and increased production speed.

Do you have a similar issue? Everyone at HAR is dedicated to provide effective adhesive solutions to all your adhesive applications. Let me know how I can help you. Jeff Fugitt, Technical Sales Manager 614-531-2219


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