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Finding the Right Adhesive Solutions for Your Company

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

HAR Adhesives Blog post

One of our best resources to the clients we serve is providing individualized service and adhesive solutions.

Recently a manufacturer of adhesives was purchased by an even bigger manufacturer. This big manufacturer has been slowly eliminating products from the smaller company’s product line.

A customer of the smaller manufacturer used a product that was now no longer available after the buy-out. When this happened, they were given an alternate adhesive of the big manufacturer’s product line. Ultimately, this alternative product was ineffective so they called us for help.

Most of the time big manufacturers will not create individualized products for a company. Instead, they want you to use one of their existing products. This is where we can step in and provide adhesive solutions the others don’t offer. After lots of discussion and questions about the customer’s needs, we were able to test and formulate a brand new product just for them. It works great. They are happy. And we are too.

This is a common occurrence and one of the reasons HAR Adhesive Technologies is a successful adhesive supplier—solving problems with adhesive and providing solutions beyond their imagination.

Ken Schonauer - Sales, Adhesive Systems, and Support Manager

Ken Schonauer - Sales, Adhesive Systems, and Support Manager 440-786-7185


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