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The Latest Technology In Hot Melt Glue: Advantra Encore™ Adhesive

HB Fuller has just released their latest innovation in adhesive technology, Advantra Encore™, a custom-designed, high performance hot melt glue for the packaging industry. Advantra Encore™ provides superior bonding and performs in a broader temperature range (from -20 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit) compared to traditional metallocene-based and EVA hot melt adhesives.

According to HB Fuller, “Advantra Encore adhesive is specifically designed for exceptional bonding on a uniquely broad range of challenging substrates including coated stocks and high recycled-content board. Due to its aggressive hot tack, Advantra Encore hot melt glue can grab and hold quickly to prevent pop-opens with high-memory board. This high level of performance also offers the potential to switch to lower cost boards that are challenging to seal. The Advantra Encore combination of low density and exceptional bonding provides more mileage than metallocene-based or EVA hot melt adhesives. As a result, the Advantra Encore platform delivers exceptional value for the long run.”

Now available from HAR Adhesives, this hot melt glue was specifically designed to address the most important issue facing case and carton packaging manufacturers: exceptional bonding on a uniquely broad range of challenging substrates and service temperatures.

For more details this new technology go to To find out more of how Advantra Encore can transform your business, contact HAR Adhesives today. Dennis Grosel, Manager of Product Delivery and Administrative Systems 440-786-7185


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