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Jay Cooke’s All Purpose Sign Primer is the industry leading high build, water-based, universal primer, sealer and stain blocker.

It contains fast dry convenience with outstanding adhesion, build and sealing capabilities, and can be used for both interior and exterior applications and can be used with both latex and enamel topcoats. When used as a primer/sealer on new wood, it provides excellent tooth for surface coatings and will not cause excessive grain raising. It is absent of harmful solvents, it is low odor and requires only water clean-up.

Jay Cooke’s All Purpose Sign Primer fills the need of both the commercial shop and dimensional sign maker. It is formulated so only one primer is needed for wood, foam, MDO plywood, fiberboard, vinyl or metal. It provides the best coverage in the industry, dries quickly, is virtually odorless and sands beautifully. If you’re interested in our Jay Cooke's All Purpose Sign Primer and want to know how we can create a customized solution for you please contact us.

Application Solutions:
    - Prime/seal new wood
    - Sign making
    - Used with both latex or enamel topcoats
Key Benefits:
    - Fast drying
    - Excellent adhesion
    - Multi-purpose - used on wood, foam, plywood, fiberboard, vinyl or metal; interior or exterior
    - Smooth finish
    - Low odor
    - Water-based - needs only water clean up
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