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HAR water-based adhesives are made up of materials or compounds that are dissolved or dispersed in water. These adhesives generally develop a bond by losing water through evaporation or penetration into the substrates. At least one substrate must be absorbent or porous in order to form a strong bond.

Water-based adhesives come in a variety of chemistries and compositions, and can be categorized as either natural or synthetic polymers. Following is a breakdown of water-based adhesives by composition:

Synthetic Polymers include Polyvinyl Acetate, Vinyl Acetate Acrylics, Vinyl Acrylics, Acrylics, Polychoroprene and Polyurethane Dispersions. Otherwise known as white glues (like school glue, padding compound and Quickpad), these adhesives are used for anything dealing with paper or other porous substrates. They cure upon evaporation, are water miscible and environmentally friendly.

Natural Polymers include Dextrin, Starch, Casein, and Natural Rubber Latex. These adhesives are typically rolled or brushed.  They work very well when the materials being bonded are paper.  Dextrin and starches are especially good when sheet laminations are produced.  These products can be formulated to have excellent lay-flat and repositionability which are often needed for larger laminations. Natural Rubber Latex are unique products.  They are self-sealing adhesives used to make various paper products or “press seal” on paper to stick to itself.

Whatever the job, we can create customized services for your production needs. Please contact us for more information

We wanted to stop using our current type of adhesive for safety and quality reasons and move to a water-based formula. After evaluating countless samples, we were told by every other adhesive company that what we wanted was not possible. Only HAR seemed to have a potential solution and then they worked with us to perfect it. We are now transitioning all our plants to the technology everyone else said was impossible." - Director of Engineering from a world-wide manufacturer of crafts

Quick Pad, Carbonless Fan Apart & Padding Compound


HAR formulates and supplies adhesives and primers for every bindery operation from padding to casing-in.

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Rakoll® Woodworking Adhesives


H.B. Fuller’s Rakoll® woodworking adhesives play an integral role in the assembly of wood products.

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Swift®tak Water-Based Adhesives


Swift®tak is a complete range of water-based adhesive grades for applications from breweries, tissue-converting mills, textile and furniture production to high quality preserved food packaging facilities that demand performance at high speeds.

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