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H.B. Fuller’s Rakoll® woodworking adhesives play an integral role in the assembly of wood products.

Rakoll® Woodworking Adhesives

Woodworkers in the furniture, millwork, panel lamination, cabinets and countertops markets and even the foam and mattress industry look to Rakoll woodworking adhesives to tackle their toughest applications.

The Rakoll® brand from HB Fuller includes emulsion adhesives for sheet and veneer applications, solid wood, assembly and waterproof bonding; polyurethane based adhesive for membrane press bonding; and hot melt adhesives for stright edge bodning, profile wrapping, softforming, etc. are perfect for such applications as veneering, edgebanding, laminating, profile wrapping, doweling, edge gluing, finger jointing and high-tech assembly.

If you’re interested in our HB Fuller Rakoll® Woodworking Adhesives and want to know how we can create a customized solution for you please contact us.

    - Furniture assembly
    - Cabinet and countertop
    - General assembly
    - Wood, door and specialty laminations

- Suitable for all application systems (roller, spray nozzle, bead application) and HF presses
- Can handle difficult wood species with ease
- High impact strength
- Can handle delicate or difficult substrates such as sound deadening with various materials like cork, felt, paper, recycled PVC films and foams

Key Benefits:
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