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Swift®tak is a complete range of water-based adhesive grades for applications from breweries, tissue-converting mills, textile and furniture production to high quality preserved food packaging facilities that demand performance at high speeds.

Swift®tak Water-Based Adhesives

Using Swift®tak polymer-based or natural adhesives you can bond substrates at all speeds, satisfying demands from both operational and procurement stand points.

If you’re interested in our HB Fuller Swift®tak Water-Based Adhesives and want to know how we can create a customized solution for you, please contact us.

    - Cold, warm, wet or dry glass bottles
    - PET bottles
    - PVC and untreated HDPE plastic containers
    - Metallised label stock
    - Springy or stiff label stock

- Clean running
- High wet tack even on cold, wet bottles
- Hard to bond substrates
- Fast machine speeds
- Easy wash-off behavior

Key Benefits:
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